Support from cradle to grave.

Capitol Bridge Services provides cradle-to-grave acquisition management support throughout the entirety of the procurement lifecycle. Our experienced professionals bring decades of experience across the federal and private sectors. We provide our clients with a strategic approach towards meeting their specific acquisition goals, while ensuring a "best-in-breed" labor mix of keeping costs low. Our deep industry knowledge is the catalyst by which any immature acquisition management process will transition towards maturity .

Our Suite of Services Include:

Pre-Award Contract Planning Support

  • Requirement Analysis 
  • Market Research
  • Solicitation Development Support
  • Acquisition Planning
  • Facilitated Stakeholder Engagement
  • IGCE Creation and Review
  • Source Selection Support


  • Metrics and Deliverables Tracking
  • Performance Monitoring/Management
  • Invoice/Budget Reconciliation
  • Contract Management 
  • Technical Liaison
  • Modification Support 
  • Closeout Support