Our Approach

Capitol Bridge follows a standardized approach to providing services and solutions to our customer, and whether we are providing project management, service delivery, quality improvement, or technology development services, Capitol Bridge will follow a recognized, industry standard methodology to provide these services to your organization. In project management roles, Capitol Bridge follows the industry standard PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) framework and best practices identified by PMI (Project Management Institute.) Our project and program managers are PMP certified and actively maintain their certifications. We follow ITIL for IT service delivery, with all relevant personnel carrying certifications and training appropriate for their specific roles and responsibilities. Capitol Bridge has teams specialized in multiple methodologies for process improvement and quality management, as specific requirements for methodologies are often dictated by the customer and types of work we perform. Organizationally, we follow a six sigma based approach to process improvement and quality management whenever possible.

When approaching an operational project such as case review, eligibility review, or any other effort requiring standardized management of workloads, Capitol Bridge will first develop and document baseline process documentation with input from our customers and other stakeholders and use this as a basis of Standard Operating Procedures, standard training approaches, and baseline project documentation to be iterated and improved upon as data becomes available and experience is gained. Capitol Bridge as an organization recognizes that the key to success in projects of this nature is establishing standardized, repeatable, and reliable processes that provide predictable results and quantifiable success. This is the most fundamental aspect of our approach and it is reflected in every project that we engage.